Monday, January 21, 2008

Mr. Motivation

Funny how things come about sometimes. We recently had a health scare when Kimberly’s doctor discovered a “mass” during a routine checkup. Long story short, it’s benign and we have nothing to worry about. But the high-cost biopsy came at a time when things were already tight financially, and that prompted Kimberly to start exploring ways to bring in some extra income.

Several weeks ago, she started creating paintings on canvas to sell as household decorations. Hand-made splashes of color for your walls. As it turns out, she’s pretty darn good at this stuff. I have to say I’m impressed with this ability she has hidden for so many years. After sending a quick e-mail to some friends and family, she has sold over a dozen paintings. This is a great creative outlet for her, and she will probably keep it up in the future whether we have medical bills to pay or not.

Makes me wonder, what if we had not had a biopsy to pay for? Would she ever have been motivated enough to start taking her painting more seriously?

And what about the rest of us? What things are we hiding or ignoring because we don’t have time or don’t think we’re good enough to pursue? I think too often we are afraid to fail, so we don’t “waste” our time trying. Song-writing is like that for me (I know, I know…drummers can’t write music). I have a sliver of writing ability, but risk of failure and the fact that I know some very, very talented song writers is enough to keep me from trying. I know I’ll never be as good as my friends Jesse and Scott. But should that really keep me from exploring my potential?

I would venture to guess we all have something like that. Maybe you don’t even remember yours because you’ve ignored it for so long. Whether it’s lack of confidence, lack of free time, lack of resources, or for whatever excuse you’ve given yourself, something is inside you waiting to be released.

Kimberly has inspired me to start writing again. So far I have one very crappy song about half-way done. Probably nobody will ever hear it, but that’s not really the point, is it? Maybe I’ll learn through the process and end up writing something worthwhile someday, or maybe my song writing will just be an experience for me alone. Either way I will be better off having explored the dusty corners of my brain. At the very least, it will be like discovering empty shoe boxes in your attic. Worthless? Sure, maybe. But isn’t it interesting to know someone bought a pair of Air Jordans in 1998 and threw the box in YOUR attic? Work with me, people…Monday is a rough day for analogies.

Cranking the Congregation

This weekend I once again pressed the limits of acceptance in our church by wailing on my drums louder than usual. It wasn’t on purpose, it was the song’s fault. How do you ride on a crash cymbal quietly? At least there was no doubt that everyone was fully awake for the start of the sermon.

You know you’ve done your drumming job well when people ask you if they make taller drum shields. With lids.

Hello World!

Welcome to my new Blog, the Pensive Percussionist. Where sarcasm rules and the subjects are as deep as an Arizona mud puddle. Read these posts, and you will eventually begin drooling, dragging your knuckles and forgetting to use deodorant. Continue at your own risk!